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Renting a yacht for a day is one of the best ways you could ever spend some well deserved time off! Fresh ocean air, sunshine, a gentle breeze, and one of the most beautiful views that you will every see all await you on one of our day trips. Spending a full day gives our crew more options for activities and even more time to impress!

Getting the Full experience... actually recommends that our clients rent a yacht for a day to get the full experience of a true luxury charter In addition, to allow the proper amount of time, we also recommend creating a plan for your trip. We love helping our clients come up with itineraries for their voyage, though typically the best plans are lighter on activities and heavier on time spent with guests.

We will make arrangements to meet you at the landing/ dock of your choice, and drop off at the same location or a different location if you would like a different drop off point. We can offer full catering or work with your catering staff if you have already selected a company for your event.

Outings that We Love

If you are looking for a little inspiration here's a list of adventures that clients seem to enjoy.

New York Sightseeing Expedition.

What better an activity than seeing New York City like you’ve never seen it before? Tour all of the wonderful sites in New York Harbor, the Williamsburg Bridge, Roosevelt Island, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Stop at the Frying Pan and have a drink or check out governors island. New York itself has Unlimited experiences if you know where to look. Sometimes the best reason to rent a yacht for a day is just to see New York from a different perspective.

Scenic and/or Wildlife Tours

People are generally surprised when Lanscape/ wildlife viewing excursions are brought up in reference to the Tristate area, which is (ironically) surprising to us. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut are wonderful places to view all sorts of wildlife and Lanscapes. This region is home again to Whale watching with a variety of species coming to the sound and around the long island forks.


Sea kayaking trips have become one of our most popular types of trips in recent years. Of course, it’s no wonder to us as the long island sound and the new york harbor have practically infinite holes, hollows, and hiding spots that are completely inaccessible by any other means. All of these inlets, bays and harbors have unique features and many times hidden buildings and artifacts from the region's industrial past.

Cultural/ Historical

One of the most interesting aspects of the Tristate is our vast history, amazing architecture, and completely unique culture. Our Staff is happy to recommend some of the many cultural/ historical attractions available in the many ports for you to enjoy. Museums and architecture are just the beginning of the region’s “hidden” cultural attractions.

Whatever your reason to rent a yacht for a day we are here to take care of your day trip.