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...Get out of Town

The world is your oyster out of New York Harbor for a Yacht Vacation... We have some of the most amazing destinations that can easily be reached in a few hours travel via your own Yacht Rental. The following list is a small list of some of our client's favorites from over years. If you are curious about more exotic locations or experiences that are completely unique get in Contact with one of our team members to set up a consolation about providing you with a solution to your desired location. No Destination is off limits when you work with NYC yacht.

Fire island lighthouse

Fire Island
Party on the South Shore

If you are looking for an epic, and rowdy adventure, Fire Island is your type of day trip. Fire Island (now two islands, thanks to hurricane sandy) is a 31 mile barrier island on the south of Long Island. It was designated a National Seashore in 1964 to restrict commercial development, and so it provides a beautiful habitat to see wildlife and “get away from it all”. During the night fire island lights up and provides an wild time hosting many counter-culter and subculture clubs and drinking establishments. Fire Island certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Get Away from it all

On the farthest tip of long island exists Montauk and Montauk state park. Beautiful beaches that provide surfing and a fantastic yacht vacation destination. Montauk is famous for its seafood and the montauk village. Montauk also features one of the oldest and most prominent lighthouses in the country. Montauk is generally a multi day trip and very common to do on vacation weekends (memorial day, July 4th, etc)

night club on long island
Grape Vines

Long Island Vineyards
Wine Tour over 50 vinyards

Long Island is home to some of the most amazing vineyards in the world, both for wines and ciders. Currently, the number is over 50 commercial producing vineyards, with a large number of them residing in East long Island. We specialize in setting up guided wine tours featuring only the best wineries in long island. Wine Tours on Long Island make a fantastic destination for yacht vacations.

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South Beach Trips

South Beach, Miami, FL is a popular destination for people that are looking to really get out of town and see the full eastern seaboard. Yacht vacations to Florida take a little bit longer but is Miami is an attractive destination for its beautiful beaches, nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. Rough travel time depending on how long you would like to stay at each stop is in between 7-14 days.

historic shelter island sign

Shelter Island

Shelter Island (settled in 1652) is nestled between Long Islands North Fork and the South Fork. It is a beautiful, historic location known for its beautiful beaches and even more beautiful New England-style Architecture. Shelter island is home to Mashomack Nature Preserve, a huge 2,000-acre conservation space.

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Oheka castle

Oheka castle, is the former estate of Otto Herman Kahn. It was built in 1919 in the likeness of a French chateau. The castle has a vibrant history and provided the location for many socialite events in its heyday. Notably, the gardens are the design of Frederick Law Olmsted, who was also the designer of Central Park. If you are considering locations for a wedding ceremony to be performed Oheka castle should certainly be on your list. Note: Golf course and tennis courts are available at Oheka castle.

the castle
camsett state park


Caumsett State State Park, is a national historic site that is made up of a small peninsula on Long Island Sound. Caumsett is known primarily for its beautiful gardens, and historic architecture.The Architecture is distinctly old English-style, and the entire estate feels mixed between a country club and a trip to the English country-side. To this effect, Caumsett offers many scenic views and vantages to enjoy the property. Caumsett is a frequent destination for our yachting day trips as it’s very close to New York Harbor.

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Far Far Away

Don't feel like you are limited to locations in the tristate area. The Pangaea is capable of almost any yacht vacations. We are Cost Guard certified for up to 30 passengers and can travel anywhere that there is water and a dock.

Atlantic city

Atlantic City

Who doesn’t like a little gambling? Atlantic city trips are a fabulous opportunity to try your chance at lady luck. Of course, the city has a lot more to offer than just gambling. Atlantic city also has fantastic shopping, a beautiful boardwalk, and many historic activities if gambling isn’t your thing.

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